In case you missed it, our international cricket reputation’s fucked after news of blatant cheating surfaced over night, breaking the hearts of thousands.

If you did miss it – footage was thrown onto our tellies of Cameron Bancroft rubbing the cricket ball with some yellow sticky tape in an attempt to make it more rough. Why? Reverse swing against South Africa. Even though play was continued, fans from both sides swarmed Twitter demanding to know what just went down.

Then, it happened.

In a press conference with our captain Steve Smith and Bancroft, Smith took full responsibility for the obvious ball-tampering, insisted the coaches had no idea, and confirmed he would not be stepping down from the captaincy.

Earlier today, former captain Michael Clarke appeared on Channel 9’s Sunday Sport to share his heartbreak and disappointment. Clarke also admitted how many fans had already reached out to him on social media asking if any cheating happened under his captaincy. So yep, reputation is not so good.

Just moments ago, former Aussie cricketer and BBL legend Brad Hogg took to The Project on Ten to share his thoughts on the incident. And unlike many, Hogg is far more forgiving. Hogg believes we should acknowledge the mistake made and give the players another chance.

Others? Not so much.

As you can imagine fans are both disappointed and disgusted by the news, some even going as far as to burn their cricket merchandise.

The hashtag #sandpapergate is also now a thing, an obvious nod to the Watergate scandal where former US President and Republican Richard Nixon tried to cover up his involvement in FBI and CIA agents breaking into the Democratic Party‘s offices and tapping phone lines. AKA cheating.

Then you get the really angry fans.

And then the upset.

Also this.

If you ever doubted just how important our sporting legacy is to the country, well now you know.

Image: Getty Images