In 2014, the director of the FBI said they were struggling to find cybersecurity experts because (who knew) it turns out people that spend a lot of time on hacker forums just love smoking the devil’s lettuce.

Some people reckon that the IOC might have similar problems getting people onboard for the skateboarding event at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics when it will require them to adopt a 420-unfriendly lifestyle.

These days pretty much everyone alive gets high but, strictly speaking, skateboarding and weed culture have a lot more in common than, say, clay pigeon shooting and weed culture.

Aussie skateboarding champ Tas Pappas thinks there might be issues if you can’t let skaters punch a few cones before the event:

“I’m wondering how it’s going to work as far as the drug testing is concerned, because some guys skate really well on weed and if they have to stop smoking for one competition [the Olympics] it might really affect their performance.

“I truly believe you do better sober, but I’ve known guys who couldn’t skate unless they were stoned, so I don’t know how it’s really going to work.”

Pappas also reckons that the Olympics might not be chill enough for skating’s whole vibe:

“As far as the skate community is concerned, for a lot of people it will seem cheesy. This country versus that country is not the unified skate culture.

“When you meet a bunch of skaters you don’t feel like it’s us versus them, it’s just a bunch of guys getting together and want to have a skate.”

It’ll be interesting to see what Olympic skateboarding looks like if exclusively nerds show up to compete.

Source: ABC.