Aussie Athletes Will Get Super-Strength Condoms Before The Rio Olympics

The Olympic Village is a notorious hotbed of sex (pun extremely intended); that much is hardly surprising, given that you have a group of extremely fit athletes, crammed into close quarters for several weeks and looking to blow off steam. 
In the lead-up to the Rio 2016 Olympics, the Australian Olympic Committee have therefore decided to be extra cautious, and will be hooking our elite athletes up with double-strength dingers. 
In addition to the 450,000 condoms (seriously) that will be available in vending machines throughout the Olympic Village, Aussies will get 1500 extras from local manufacturer Starpharma, that come with “dual protection” in the form of an antiviral lubricant. 
The AOC announced this week that its partnership with Starpharma came out to give our athletes “added protection” from the possible effects of the dangerous Zika virus, which can be sexually transmitted.
Brazil has recently experienced outbreaks of Zika, and it is currently believed that the mosquito-borne virus can lead to severe birth defects and immune disorders. 
Former International Olympic Committee vice president Kevan Gosper has called for Australia to go even further, and blood test all 134 members of the Aussie Olympic after they leave Brazil. 
In response, the AOC’s medical director said: “If individuals take reasonable care as instructed, then I believe the risk to our team members will be minimal.” 
Source: News Corp.

Photo: Carlos Rodrigues / Getty.