The US Open is renowned for throwing us sublime distractions from the tennis at hand. This year we’ve had shuffling 7th seeds , ball boys going base over apex, and now it’s a scampering squirrel which has drawn the attention of tennis fans. Cyril, as the rambunctious rodent was nicknamed, interrupted Julien Benneteau and Olivier Rochus first round match several times before forcing a complete halt to proceedings as he came in for some of his own net play. Cyril’s fifteen minutes of fame was chronicled by the New York Post.

France’s Julien Benneteau (pictured) was leading Olivier Rochus of Belgium, 7-6 and 3-1 in the second set when the frisky rodent suddenly appeared on the DecoTurf court and won oohs and ahs from fans as he darted back and forth.

The squirrel disappeared and play resumed – only to be halted again when he briefly returned to the court., before finding a hole in a chain-link fence and vanishing into the wilds of Flushing Meadows.

I guess you could say the squirrel evaded capture because he had to much… deuce? Ok, whatever, just watch the damn video.

And as if just one video of animals being cute was EVER enough.