An AFL Gun Shaved His Trademark Beard & Is Selling It On eBay (For Charity)

We’re certainly not psychics here in the ye olde’ editorial department, and lord knows the depths of a football fanatics obsession know no bounds, but you’ll have to forgive us if we’re skeptical at this item’s chances of hanging up on a pub wall anytime soon.
Injured Melbourne Demons ruckman/cult hero/all-around legend/strict enforcer of the AFL‘s little-known ‘no nerds‘ policy Max Gawn is largely known for three things:
  1. The strict enforcement of the aforementioned absence of nerds.
  2. Shoving hit outs down the throats of inside midfielders.
  3. Having a beard so glorious it should, by all rights, have its own theme music.
But while Big Maxy is laid up with a nasty hamstring injury that’ll keep him off the field for at least three months, it would appear that a change is in order.
Gawn shaved off his trademark facerug a couple of days ago, paring things down to a simple mo in a journey that featured a few trial looks in between.

Captain jack sparrow. #piratesoftheportphillipbay #gawngetsshorn video up shortly at @20foursports app.

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As it turns out, Gawn’s great de-bearding is being done for a good cause, with the resulting clippings being put onto eBay for charity.
The Jim Stynes-founded Reach organisation is raising funds through the sale of Gawn’s beard, with bids on the auction reaching a whopping $1,175.00 at the time of writing.

The winning bidder not only gets the majesty of the beard, but they get it contained in a sealed plastic bag signed by the big man himself, all housed in an admittedly schmick-lookin’ presentation box.
If you’re interested in bidding, the auction can be found over here.
Truly, this is one of those rare one-of-a-kind pieces of footy memorabilia. Right up there with ‘Bruce Doull‘s headband’ or ‘Bruce McAveney‘s spat-on microphone.’
Real conversation starters, these pieces. A centrepiece in any collection.

Source: Herald Sun.