Some Americans are so salty about Ariarne Titmus‘ incredible win over US Olympic elite Katie Ledecky that they’re actually hating on her coach and his iconic celebratory dance.

In case you missed it, Titmus won gold in the 400m freestyle at the Tokyo Olympics against Ledecky, which is HUGE because of Ledecky’s status as basically a god, especially in the US.

Titmus’ coach, Dean Boxall, absolutely lost his shit following the win – and by lost his shit, I mean he screamed his head off, threw his fists in the air, and humped a barrier in an absolutely boonta victory dance. It was a lot, but hell, the fkn win as a whole was a lot, and Boxall was just dancing with the energy every Aussie was experiencing in their living room watching the race.

But because Americans just can’t handle seeing us win, some have taken to their screens to talk shit about Titmus’ race – and others have even come for Boxall’s character.

It’s Ariarne, mate.

A bunch of anti-Titmus/Boxwall tweets have since been deleted, but not before this iconic meme immortalised them forever.

In a since-deleted tweet, US author Laura Chapin said: “What the Australia coach did isn’t funny or cute. It bigfoots a woman athlete winning a gold medal and centers the attention on him.

“It’s vulgar and frankly offensive and he should apologise to her and everyone else.”

Look, I get that the display may have been a little bit ~much~ for certain pearl clutching Americans who don’t get what a big deal this race was to us, but to make it seem like all their saltiness is out of concern for Titmus’ media coverage is a joke.

Titmus herself was teary with joy at her coach’s celebration. They’re in this together, as a team, and as she said after the race, he “means the world to me.” SO, random US Twitter users that are hating on him in her name, you can fuck right off thanks. Maybe the issue isn’t with Boxall’s enthusiasm and support for Titmus being “uncomfortably aggressive” but with the US media, which, you know, isn’t even his problem.

Anyway, Americans can clutch their pearls and call Boxall aggressive all they want, but Titmus still won this incredible race and no amount of saltiness is going to strip her of her iconic status right here in Oz.