Model Brenda Patea, the pregnant ex-gf of German tennis player Alexander Zverev, says she has “no contact” with the world #7, despite his claims that their impending arrival is the “highlight of his life”.

Twenty-seven-year-old Patea is 36 weeks pregnant with their child, a baby girl. The couple starting dating in October 2019 before they first broke up last April. Patea and Zverev then seemed to get back together before they seemingly split again by July.

Brenda Patea has come out waving her own racket against Alexander Zverev, who lost in the Australian Open quarterfinals to Novak Djokovic on Tuesday, in the wake of recent interviews with the tennis star. In the interviews he’s spoken positively about the impending arrival of his daughter, recently claimed that the couple “will manage quite well”.

Except Patea strongly disputes that. On her Instagram Stories on Monday, she responded to questions from fans about their relationship.

“I have been seeing all these interviews with Alex lately, I really wonder what he wants to achieve?,” she wrote.

“‘Highlight of his life’? ‘He is pleased’? ‘Greatest place’? I hardly think so. Because we have no contact! And so far nothing has come from him! We were in contact a few months ago… when that was with his ex but that was it.

“Yes, it’s stupid about media… but hey if he gives such interviews with such statements I can finally say something about it… why?”

She told her fans that she doesn’t even update Zverev about the pregnancy.

“You could think through his statements but unfortunately not so! I don’t care now. Wanted to have ‘rest’ but so many people tell me ‘oh how already that you have contact or that there is interest’. [I’m] fed up with his ‘perfect interviews’. Be honest one day.”

In October last year, Patea told German tabloid Bild that she was expecting a child with Zverev, but intended to “raise [her] child alone”.

“We don’t have any communication with Alex right now, and frankly, I don’t plan to share custody of my child with him,” she said.

Another of Zverev’s exes, photographer Olya Sharypova, alleged in November last year that she was emotionally and physically abused by the tennis player over the course of their 13-month relationship. Zverev has described the accusations as “unfounded” and “untrue”.

Alexander Zverev and Brenda Patea were also widely criticised in June last year, when they were spotted out at restaurants and clubs during Novak Djokovic’s Adria Tour in Serbia and Croatia, in defiance of COVID-19 protocols.

After the tour, Zverev was also spotted partying in Monaco, despite having said he would self-isolate for 14 days.

Image: Instagram / Alexander Zverev / Brenda Patea