We love a tennis meltdown, don’t we? Today’s entry is Aussie player Akira Santillan, who has been filmed methodically destroying five of his tennis racquets after a painfully narrow loss at Wimbledon in London.

Santillan lost against Ruben Bemelmans in two nail-biting match points on Wednesday, meaning the world No. 215 missed out on another grand slam main draw. This particularly sucks because, had he won, he would have only been one game away from a guaranteed $82,000 pay day. As it stands, he’s only collected $2,600 this year playing tennis.

The player took his racquets out to a secluded field and destroyed them – presumably assuming he was alone for the ritual – but someone was filming. And now it’s going around.

John Horn, the journo who posted the video, also solicited comment from Nick Kyrgios, who said he’d probably do the same thing if he lost in qualifying in the same manner.

Gotta say: feel for the guy. I imagine obliterating your tennis racquets like that would be a sweet, sweet catharsis. Might even go do that now.

Image: AAP