All The Highlights From This Year’s AFLW Season That Really Put The Specky In Our Magees

ALW highlights

As the AFLW enters the Grand Final, we thought to ourselves, ‘Y’know what? Let’s distract ourselves from the looming downer that is every winter ever, and reminisce about some AFLW highlights to get our head out of this raincloud and in the game.’

Winter truly is the middle child of seasons, there’s no doubt about it.

Of course, if you still want to be there in person to witness major sports moments with your own peepers, you can still grab tickets to the Grand Final for 10 bucks, so let’s just call these highlights a taste of what’s to come in the remaining weeks.

Carlton V. Collingwood, Round 1

Watching Collingwood’s Chloe Molloy outrun Carlton’s Natalie Plane makes me seriously contemplate whether she could’ve just kept running á la Forrest Gump, she was un-bloody-stoppable.

The downside about all of this is it’s a stark reminder that I get exhausted walking up to the shops. Thanks for the surprise guilt, team. I’ll start running tomorrow(ish).

Key highlight: Around the 1:05 minute mark

Gold Coast V. Geelong, Round 9

As a forced-into-it-from-a-young-age Tigers supporter, I’ve always had one eye on the Cats (which was my first choice before my family vetoed it), and honestly, I should’ve gone with my younger self’s intuition.

Look at ‘er go! Richelle Cranston manages to score a goal after psyching out GC with the ol’ fake right tactic.

It’s worth noting that the Cats didn’t end up beating the Tiges, though, so perhaps my family were right to force me into going for Richmond.

Richmond V. West Coast, Round 8

Speaking of the Tiges…

Ellie McKenzie pulls off a spectacular mark during the tense match between Richmond and the Bulldogs – it was so impressive, in fact, it’s up for Mark of the Year at this year’s W Awards.

Alright fine, I’m all in with the Tiges. Farewell Cats.

Melbourne V. Fremantle, Qualifying Finals

If you wanna see how actual pros kick a footy, and not me in the backyard destroying my hamstrings as I try to kick anything more than five feet, look no further than the Dee’s Shelly Scott logic-defying snap that gave the Demons an extended lead.

My legs could never.

Key highlight: Around the 1:28 minute mark

Brisbane V. Collingwood, Round 7

If there’s anything I love more than a decent kick, it’s theft.

Watch as the Pies’ Joanna Lin straight up swipes the ball before pulling off a kick eerily similar to Pearce’s. But again, with the added enjoyment of theft.

Key highlight: Around the 2:39 minute mark

Now that you’re fully caught up (well, as caught up as you’ll be without me having to spend 50 hours recapping everything), grab your tickets to the Grand Final here so you can marvel in person as Adelaide take on the Lions on 2.00pm (AEST) this Saturday, April 17.

If you don’t happen to live in the state where the action is taking place, you can view it live via this handy link.