AFL WAG Annie Nolan Slams Sam Newman, Refuses To Keep “Being Silent”

This week’s been a real bloody doozy, hasn’t it. We’ve (unfortunately) returned to the timeline where Sam Newman realises he’s become a bit too beige for his own liking and says something so utterly batshit stupid that he’s somehow the centre of attention again. Folks, I’m sorry we have to talk about him.

In the aftermath of Newman’s really fuckin’ terrible comments about Caitlyn Jenner, and his absolute incompetence in even understanding her identification as a woman, many (including St. Kilda Football Club) have come out slamming Newman, calling for him to be removed from the AFL Footy Show and, hopefully, mainstream consciousness itself.
One particular voice in the backlash has stuck out to me, because it’s a voice we very rarely hear in the dialogue of AFL – the partner of a current player.
Annie Nolan is a staunch human rights supporter, LGBTQI ally, champion for equality, disabled rights advocate, and the wife of Western Bulldogs star, Liam Picken
She took to her Twitter after the Footy Show episode aired to speak out against the transphobic display from Newman, and to make it very clear that she was no longer going to be the kind of partner that exists silently in the narrative of professional sport.

Annie’s outspokenness on issues that she’s passionate about marks a new breed of partners in professional sport, and I for one am hella here for it.
Gettim’ girl. 
Photo: Instagram / @uncannyannieblog.