AFL Weapon Tom Liberatore Now Sports A Wild Deep Cut ‘Simpsons’ Tatty

It’s absolutely no secret that Tom Liberatore is one of, if not the, biggest weapons currently kicking about the AFL. But you don’t get a full picture of just how differently he operates until you consider his extensive collection of wild tattoos. The latest of which will surely draw a knowing nod from even the most ardent fan of The Simpsons.

[jwplayer qW8VIDvr]

The Western Bulldogs gun apparently added to his folder of tough stickers over this current off-season, dragging out a deep-cut Simpsons reference from the absolute top shelf.

Herald Sun photographer Michael Klein spotted the A+ tatty pair at Bulldogs training yesterday, posting a photo of it to Instagram last night.


Right bicep, Homer the Grease King. Left bicep, Squeaky-Voice Teen calling for an adult.

Incredibly good shit.

For what it’s worth, this isn’t the first Simpsons tattoo Liberatore’s committed skin to.

Previous Instagram posts from old mate reveal he’s got an additional Springfield-inspired tatty on his left calf.

Computer: Enhance.

It was just vapor lock!!!

Absolutely outstanding effort from Libba there. Top-shelf gear.

Kinda makes you think/hope that he’s got a game ball from the 2016 Grand Final sitting on his mantlepiece that he exclusively refers to as Stitchface.