AFL Star Denies Sexual Assault Allegations Following Arrest

More troubling news from the world of the AFL emerged overnight, after it was learned that North Melbourne Kangaroos ruckman Majak Daw was arrested last month following an investigation into an alleged 2007 sexual assault. Daw has, in the past, vehemently denied all rumour and conjecture that he was being investigated at all, but the news that Victoria Police at one point did take him in for questioning contradicts that. Though Police confirm that he was released without charge.

Little is known about the incident which is alleged to have occurred seven years ago in 2007. Daw, at the time, was 16 years old. The alleged victim was 15 at the time, and had gone to Police after it had occurred but had decided to not take the investigation any further. However in recent times it appears that the victim has approached police again and pressed for a formal investigation into the, now seven year old, case.
North Melbourne is reportedly standing by the embattled Daw throughout this process. Again, stressing, that no charge has been laid against Daw as of yet, and he remains free to play AFL football.
Daw is the AFL’s first Sudanese-born player, and one of North Melbourne’s primary marketing images. He made his AFL debut last year and has so far played 12 games.
Photo: Darrian Traynor via Getty Images.