AFL Star Jack Watts Now Claiming White Powder He Snorted Was “Peppermint”

Contributor: PEDESTRIAN.TV

AFL player Jack Watts came under media scrutiny over the weekend after a video went public that showed the Port Adelaide forward snorting a white powder substance off a woman’s chest at some Oktoberfest celebrations.

The AFL have reportedly been made aware of the video, which began making the social media rounds on Sunday. They’re in the process of finalising a response.

According to Watt’s manager Paul Connors, the powder was a “peppermint” mixture known as Wiesn Pulver, which is commonly taken at Oktoberfest and is legal. It contains methol, sugar and glucose.

“It’s not cocaine,” he told the Herald Sun. “It’s clearly a legal tobacco based powder used widely at Oktoberfest.”

Port Adelaide have also addressed the video, issuing a statement late Sunday.

“Watts has informed the club that the video was taken at Oktoberfest in Munich last October and the substance featured is “Wiesn Pulver”, a legal substance made up of menthol, sugar and glucose. Based on the information at hand the club will not be making any further comment at this stage.”