Even though it’s the balls-end of October, footy never stops. It never, ever stops. And today marks the release of the 2020 AFL men’s fixture, meaning there’s now a definitive date for when men’s top-flight football will return (March 19th, circle the calendar). While some of you might be spending time pouring over who has the on-paper easiest run through the season (Fremantle) and who has the toughest (West Coast), the social media departments at the 18 clubs have been spending their time coming up with creative ways to roast each other.

As is now apparently tradition, the individual clubs have used today’s roster reveal to put up creative and wildly good fixture reveal videos that are as creative as they are incredibly funny.

Cop a squiz at them all below, would you.

There’s the Adelaide Crows one, which went full-on gen-one Game Boy in a bid to catch ’em all.

Brisbane chose to go with various movie and TV references in a fairly robotic effort.

Carlton took a lovely stroll out to the airport to read their 2020 departure board out.

Collingwood‘s reveal was a real post about nothing.

Essendon took their symbolism to slyly shady levels.

Fremantle did a godforsaken gender reveal for theirs, which feels like a personal attack.

Geelong, almost predictably, realised that TV is 200 channels and nothin’ but cats.

Gold Coast loaded up on coins and marched on down to the arcade for their Pac-Man reveal.

The GWS Giants got lost down a YouTube hole and only emerged somewhere around Round 23.

Hawthorn also did a gender reveal, which is just really bloody embarrassing for them.

Melbourne went full-Tinder for theirs, which is really funny when you read it like they’re picking which games they think they can win and which ones they’re gonna get smashed in.

North Melbourne went down the movies-route as well, although theirs had a hell of a lot more bells and whistles than Brisbane’s effort.

Port Adelaide slapped together a lovely PowerPoint presentation, complete with transitions, that honestly might be the best of the lot.

Reigning premiers Richmond went to Springfield for theirs, because it’s a hell of a town.

Sydney is probably the only one aware that the fixture was being released on Halloween, and went down the Spooky Route.

And the Western Bulldogs straight up slid into the DMs of 17 other clubs to get theirs done.

Neither St Kilda or the West Coast Eagles produced videos for their fixture reveal, because someone has to be the kid in school uniform on plain clothes day.

Image: Getty Images / Michael Dodge