Adam Goodes Deletes Twitter Account In The Fallout Of Those Racist Memes

There are any number of reasons why people choose to nuke their social media accounts. Sometimes you want a bit of privacy. You might even want to get your eyes off the screen for a lil’ bit. If you’re Stephen Fry, you just want to stop copping abuse over a poorly-received jab.

If you’re Adam Goodes… well. 
While there was no grandiose mic-drop statement that might’ve come from some of AFL’s more boisterous luminaries, the fact is Goodes has well and truly deleted his Twitter. His moniker adamroy37 no longer registers on the platform. 

While there was no explicitly announced reason for his newfound absence, his disappearance from another aspect of the online community lines up pretty bloody squarely with last week’s onslaught of absolutely fucked racist memes. 

After the twilight of his football career saw the bloke pitted against quasi- and flat-out racist voices in Australia, it’d make a whole lot of sense that Goodes would decide not to partake in an online environment that largely condones dribbling bigotry.

Twitter users are already having a good hard look at the state of dialogue online and… well, they can’t really begrudge the man’s decision. 

Of course, his exact reasoning remains nebulous, but it’s not a long bow to draw to think our former Australian of the Year would choose not to engage in an online dialogue that is still so vehemently spiteful towards him.

Source: Daniel Cherny / Twitter / Sydney Morning Herald. 
Photo: Cameron Spencer / Getty.