Oh my god, guys. You guys. Oh my god.

The Olympics might all be about athletic achievement and triumph and the like, but there’s not a dang chance anything that happens in Rio over the next week-and-a-bit will be anywhere near as BLOODY CUTE as this.
Brazilian Rugby 7s player Isabella Curello had to watch on from the stands this morning as our Australian side knocked off New Zealand to claim gold, but the real main event of the evening wasn’t a game.
Following the conclusion of official proceedings, Curello’s girlfriend – field manager and Rio volunteer Marjorie Enya – took her out onto the field and proposed in front of Curello’s teammates and Enya’s fellow officials, all of whom cheered and waved heart-shaped balloons as Curello said yes.
Curello grew up in the US but moved to her parents’ native Brazil in order to pursue her dream of playing 7s on an international level, and it was there where she met Enya who reportedly describes Curello as “the love of my life.”
They’re so dang happy! This is the best. The Olympics are the best.
Congratulations, you magnificent, beautiful kids. <3 <3 <3 <3

Photos: David Rogers, Alexander Hassenstein/Getty.