In their first game since cutting Jarryd Hayne, the San Fransicto 49ers suffered a humiliating 27-6 loss to the St Louis Rams, and several key injuries suffered by the side may actually pave the way for Hayne’s return.

The game was plagued by disaster all round, with star running back Reggie Bush suffering from what many suspect is a torn ACL, a potentially career-ending injury in the NFL.

Bush injured a knee in the first punt of the game, and later jogged over to the sideline before slipping on a hard surface; he was taken from the field and did not return for the duration of the game.

49ers May Crawl Back To Hayne After Key Players Injured In Crushing Defeat

Amazingly enough, Bush was not the only running back injured during the disastrous game against the Rams, with Mike Davis suffering a hand injury that saw him taken out of play. 

With Carlos Hyde ruled out of play thanks to a foot fracture, the 49ers are currently down to one running back – Kendall Gaskins, who was called in to replace Hayne when the Aussie was put on the waivers list. 

While we don’t want to use phrases like “crawling back” or “humble pie”, it seems like the 49ers are in for a serving of humble pie, and may need to come crawling back to Hayne given their current situation.

Neither Hayne nor the 49ers have commented thus far, but we doubt it will be long.

via Fairfax
Photo: Michael B Thomas / Michael Zagaris via Getty Images