The trophy that the horse Rekindling earned by winning the 2017 Melbourne Cup – the trophy that was nonetheless awarded primarily to the rich old fuck who claims ownership over the horse and secondarily to the tiny man that whipped it for a few minutes – has been stolen from a cafe in outer Melbourne.

The 2017 Melbourne Cup trophy was part of a raft of things pinched from a cafe in Digger’s Rest called – get this – Houdini’s sometime between late Saturday night and early Sunday morning.

Owners of the cafe posted a photo of the Cup on Facebook, appealing to the public for its safe return.

!!! 2017 MELBOURNE CUP MISSING !!!Unfortunately early Monday morning the 2017 Melbourne cup was stolen from Houdini’s…

Posted by Houdini's Café e Cucina on Sunday, 6 October 2019

Interestingly enough the post puts out a call to “get the cup back to its rightful owner” which I can only assume means “in the stables where Rekindling sleeps cozy and warm every night.”

Along with the Cup trophy, police assert that cash and a cash register was stoled during the ransacking robbery, which occurred at some point between 11:30pm on Saturday night and 10:30am Sunday morning.

Rekindling, for the record, was the youngest horse in 76 years to win the race when it stormed home in first place in 2017. He raced just one additional time afterwards before being retired to stud some 18 months ago.

He needs his trophy back. He earned it. Give it to him.