1,500 Queenslanders Rocked Up For Origin On A Cruise Ship W/ A 7m Cane Toad

It’s a brave act, rocking up in enemy territory on Origin day. Seeing a lone blue jersey in a sea of maroon around Brisbane on one of those special Wednesdays always stirs in me a moment of respect, before I regain my composure and return to a natural state of loathing.

It takes courage and commitment, and if you’re going to do it, you may as well do it with style – like this:
Photo: P&O.

What you’re looking at right here is 1,500 Maroons fans heading into Sydney Harbour this morning with a giant inflatable cane toad on the bow.
Clearly not keen to just fly down like a normal person, these extremely cocky motherfuckers decided to make their entrance with the most pomp and circumstance they could manage.
The fans were joined by Maroons legends Petero Civoniceva and Scott Prince on a very specific cruise that involved transport to ANZ Stadium and tickets to the game.
Have a look at these cocky bastards in all their magnificent glory:
As we all know by now, however, their cockiness was fully justified. Cheeky.
Source: Daily Mail.
Photo: P&O.