10 Ways To Spend Your Melbourne Cup Trifecta Winnings

Yesterday’s big day for the roughies ensured many of us walked away with empty pockets. A select (and very lucky) few were laughing all the way to the bank. One lucky punter banked $77 000 off an 8c bet after picking the first 4 horses while the standard $3 box trifecta was returning $24 000. In aid of helping a brother out, we’ve compiled a list of things you can buy with your bounty.

Shit you can buy for $24 000

1. Rick Ross’ Toilet
Fornicate in my fortress, 40K still my mortgage/24K my toilet, all my taxes reported.” (“Hold Me Back”)

2. 11 162 Cheesburgers

3. The Kurt Cobain decorated Melvins tour van

Via Daily Mail

4. Two Pete Evans worthy mushroom pies

USA Today

5. 0.0016% of this island

Private Islands Online

6. 98 Scalped Radiohead tickets

7. 0.0038% of Andy Warhol’s Debbie Harry

or 750 prints of Andy Warhol’s Debbie Harry

8.Two army trucks

9. 16 000 Tow Nutz

Best Buy

10. 9 500 schooners of domestic beer at a Bowls Club with genuine 1970’s prices

Or 4 000 everywhere else.

Pictures by Getty Images