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Okay look: I don’t know how or why this is so adorable, but it is, and we’re all just going to have to live with that. Yesterday a Twitter user named Tilly shared this top-level romance move: a guy she was talking to on Tinder made a Twitter account especially so he could share pictures of his pasta-making wizardry with her. This is so wholesome. I die.

The account is called “@tillytortellini“. Once again: I DIE.

And this is no dry, ‘splainy pasta instructions, either. This step-by-step asks you to establish a rapport with your pasta dough – before betraying it (gasp!) and assembling an army of tortellini from the fruits of your treachery.


(Also this one looks like a hand cupping a pasta boob, and therefore crosses the line from “chaste flirtation” into “plausibly deniable sexting” by just a smidge. Masterful stuff.)

Surprising no-one, this shit blew the hell up.

Even Tinder and Twitter are in on the love.

A quick clarification:

Also the guy seems to have suddenly acquired a whole army of wingmen hell-bent on making him look extremely eligible (as if the whole pasta thing wasn’t enough!).

Most importantly: the pasta mastery worked. These guys are goin’ on a DATE.

What can I say. Show a gal how you wrangle your carbs, and she’ll be yours forever.