Womanizer Is Giving Out Free Sex Toys To Keep Victorians Ah… Busy During The Second Lockdown

As the Melbourne metro area is staring down the barrel of another six weeks of lockdowns, it’s important for those of us going back inside for a while longer to keep busy and entertained. So to make sure Victorians are still having a good time in the second wave of iso, Womanizer is giving away a bunch of free sex toys to keep the vibe going strong throughout the lockdowns.

Maybe you’re having to go back to dating exclusively over FaceTime, or you’ve come back home to now be in quarantine for a while, or you’re looking at a few weeks with a lot of extra time on your hands…again. Enter the good humans over at Womanizer, who want to make sure those in lockdown can still get some much-needed endorphins and stress-relief over the next six weeks.

They’re literally giving away a heap of their much-hyped sex toys for free to keep Aussie in lockdown practising safe sexy times because it’s just not possible to go out for a casual root right now. And let me tell you, the Womanizer toys are fucking good gear so the next few weeks will go by in a haze if you play your cards right.

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Yep, this will 100% be me until August.

The self-pleasure legends are giving away 100 of the ‘Womanizer Starlet‘, which are the pint-sized version of the air-pressure/vacuum toys, and normally go for about $120. They’re essentially like a little sucker that stimulats your clitoris (or other places with lots of sensitive nerve endings.) Literally everyone I know that has one sings its praises, so the chance of copping a free one is a very good deal.

The first 100 people to sign up their interest for sneaky free sex toys over on the Safe Pleasure website has the chance of getting a little iso gift in the mail, so what the fuck are you doing still reading this?