Three years ago, almost to the day, Two Door Cinema Club released their choon Changing of the Seasons.

“Could be the changing of the seasons / but I don’t love you anymore,” lead vocalist Alex Trimble sings. And, funky synths aside, there’s a fair chance his words ring true for a whole bunch of you.

Online luuuuurve destination eHarmony has today released research that suggests relationships are more likely to end in springtime than in any other season.

They surveyed 1,039 Aussie singles over the age of 18 and found that a whopping 29% of couples call it quits during peak hayfever season. 

Top reasons for the ‘nana splitz? 24% reported ‘not being in love with their partner’, 18% put it down to ‘infidelity’ and 17% ended things as they felt ‘their partner wasn’t in love with them’.

The theory is, you spent all winter with your partner slowly animorphing into sloths. Then bang, spring hits you like a snot-flinging sneeze and you decide you’d actually much rather be a singular, sexual social butterfly.

What’s The Logic Behind So Many Relationships Fritzing Out In Spring?

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Supposedly, folks prefer being single in summer because it’s easier to participate in outdoor activities like leaving the house, and the warmer weather is “more fun.”

So go ahead – if it ain’t working like it should, rip that bandaid off. Your summer self will thank you.

Source: eHarmony.

Photo: The Break Up.