Move over weighted blankets because weighted sex toys are set to be the ~next big thing~ and honestly, I’m on board for it to be completely honest.

Yes, weighted sex toys. WEIGHTED. SEX. TOYS.

Japanese sex toy company TENGA, who are widely regarded as experts in the field of orgasms, are back with a new toy that’s set to bring you both good orgasms and “good health.”

“Simply put on the cup and your usual masturbation will change into strength training,” they announced on Twitter.

I mean, this is the ultimate por que no los dos moment, isn’t it? Why choose between orgasms and good health when you can have both?

weighted sex toy
Image: Tenor GIF

The TENGA WORKOUT GEAR device comes in the form of a stainless steel casing for your regular ol’ TENGA sex toy. The case weighs a whopping 4kg, so you’ll be burning calories while you’re, well, getting off. Seriously, what’s not to love?

But the only thing better than the device itself is the company’s logic behind it. To put it simply, TENGA reckons that the device might make people work out.

 “It goes without saying that continuous training is important for maintaining good health,” TENGA explained. “However, the reality is that training is difficult and there are many people who do not continue. How can I continue without giving up? Then, we came up with “candy and whip.”

Unfortunately for women (or people with vaginas), the product looks to be a case for a, well, pocket pussy, which is far less exciting than a weighted dildo. But you know, good for those of us with penises.

They could truly be onto something here. While the idea of doing push ups makes me want to cry, you could potentially make it more exciting if it came with guaranteed orgasms.

The bad news? Well, uhhh, the price tag. Unfortunately the toy costs a whopping ¥55,000 JPY, which is approximately $708.58AUD – aka more money than I’m willing to pay for an orgasm, sorry.

“TENGA WORKOUT GEAR” is a completely new training item that humanity will experience for the first time,” the company said in a statement.

If you’re interested in investing in a TENGA weighted sex toy, you can pick one up on Love Honey. You can find out more about the iconic combination below.

Image: TENGA Japan