WATCH: Viral Pasher Josh Just Proposed To Roxanne, So What’s Your Excuse?

I am in TEARS. Real tears. They are streaming down my face. I cannot believe this.
On the off chance you’ve not yet seen the videos of 27-year-old American man Josh enjoying his first ever smooch on ‘Love At First Kiss’, please have a read of this and come right back.
So, as you know, Josh met with three women on the show. First was Emily. Because of (what I imagine was) his raging boner, he chickened out and kissed her on the cheek. Second, he tried pashing on with Annalisa, but totally cocked it up. But, like a stunted Goldilocks, when Josh kissed his third match, Roxanne, it was just right.
And that was that. Or so we thought.
A fourth, and perhaps most revealing video, has emerged. In it, Josh FUCKING PROPOSES TO ROXANNE!!!??!!
While it looks as though this has happened all in the space of a day, this final segment was actually filmed three months after the first kiss.

“From that first kiss I knew it was love,” Josh says as he lowers down on one knee. “Roxanne you’re beautiful, intelligent, smart and sweet. Roxanne, will you marry me?”

She looks genuinely stoked and says yes. Josh stayed true to character throughout the proposal, ensuring he placed the right on the wrong hand before being alerted to his mistake by producers.

“I’ve just been dreaming of this day. And that’s what I’ve always wanted. Just meeting this person that I know – you just know you’re gonna spend your life with,” Roxanne said in a confessional. “It’s crazy. I never expected – I’m still in shock!” 
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Josh and Roxanne are the antidote to the Ange and Brad news we didn’t know we needed. God bless, you crazy kids.
PS – Josh is doing school appearances now. Hit him up.

Source: TLC.
Photo: TLC.