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Breakups – they be hard.

Whether bae dumps you ’cause you’re vanilla in bed or they’re “not ready for a relationship“, something bloody severe happens to your ego when you get shafted.

WATCH: How To Get Back In The Dating Game W/O Reeking Of Desperation

So cooked, in fact, that an innate need to prove you’re better than them can take over, proven only by rebounding like a pleb. 

Just because they’ve moved on to someone who shines like a human unicorn in comparison to your overwhelming pessimism, doesn’t mean you have to stoop to their level and bump uglies with the next worst thing. Getting back out there are doing your *research* is cool and all, but better to be yourself, yeah? 

Watch below for some A+ guidance on getting back in the game, tactfully.

Photo: Legally Blonde.