Buzz Buzz Bitch: Vush Just Launched 2 New Couples Sex Toys Including A Schlong Sleeve

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Oh, happy days! One of our favourite Aussie sexual wellness companies, Vush (you know the legends that brought you the Abbie Chatfield vibrator? Yeah, those guys), has launched two new products — and this time, they’re sex toys for couples.

Yep, those saucy little sex toy sellers have cum up with the goods again, only this time, they’re designed especially for partnered play. One is a vibrating penis stroker (Sol), and the other is a pleasure ring (Orb). Oh, and did we mention they’re slinging us a 40% off discount code to celebrate?!

Allow us to walk you through each of the new releases.

Vush’s new couples’ sex toys

Vush’s Sol Vibrating Stroker

Vush Sol Vibrating Stroker, Vush couples sex toys

Sol Vibrating Stroker, $80 

Sol is the perfect penis stroker that vibrates and rubs you the right way. Sol puts the pleasure in the palm of your (or your partner’s) hand. Ribbed in all the right places, this new sex toy is an easy way to level up your partnered or solo play experiences.

Vush’s Orb Pleasure Ring

Vush Orb Pleasure Ring, Vush couples sex toys

Orb Pleasure Ring, $80

Orbit new heights together with Vush’s new Pleasure Ring. Designed to satisfy everyone from curious beginners to experienced foreplay fiends, Orb is the perfect couples toy for those wanting to introduce something new and exciting into the bedroom. It’s also perfect for solo play if you need a little extra something, something to tickle ya fancy.

Vush’s Curious Cues Card Game

Curiosity Cues, $30

Curious to explore your lover’s mind as well as their body? Vush has a saucy little game for that. The Curiosity Cues are designed to ignite conversations about sex and intimacy, helping to build stronger connections and lead to new and exciting experiences.

Sign me up for a bitta that!

Well, folks, I don’t know about you, but my cart is well and truly full. Luckily for us, that cheeky discount I mentioned earlier gets us a whopping 40% off, and all we need to do is enter the code ‘LAUNCH40’ at the checkout. How good?!

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