How To Throw The Perf V-Day Picnic If You Wanna Convince Your S/O You Can Actually Be Romantic

lisa and nelson

Ah, Valentine’s Day. It’s terrific, isn’t it? Paying out the wahzoo for flowers and choccies, fighting for a restaurant booking, witnessing PDA wherever you turn — it’s simply magic.

I kid, I kid, Valentine’s Day is great. It’s a day dedicated to spreading love and celebrating your boo, and after the hell that has been 2022 so far, why not go all out?

If you’re stuck for an idea on how to spend the day, then look no further than the humble, endlessly romantic picnic. Let’s be honest, we all perfected the art of the picnic during 2021, and the best part is they’re easy to whack together if you’re a disorganised fool (like me).

If you’re used to leaving things to the last minute, soon enough, it’ll be February 13th, and you’ve not gotten a single thing together for your SO/new flame/crush — but never fear, we’ve got you covered. If you don’t plan on changing your procrastinator ways any time soon, here’s a foolproof guide to throwing a romantic as hell picnic that looks as though you’ve spent months plodding away at planning in secret.

Location Is Everything, People

Don’t be basic. If you’re doing a beach picnic, for the love of Pete (and Kim), don’t set up shop at Bondi, or whatever the most well-known seaside spot in your area is. Similarly, if you’re opting for a park, don’t just choose the one you did your daily lockdown walk in. Do a little research and find a location that’s both just off the beaten track and matches what sort of vibe you’ll be going for.

Nail The Food & Drink Element

The most important element of any picnic is food and drink. Classics like a charcuterie board, choccy covered strawbs, and bubbles will surely win you more than a few brownie points (brownies are also a must). If there’s ever a time to flex your culinary skills, it’s now.

However, if you’re useless in the kitchen, you could always do a sneaky DoorDash order to whatever location you’re at, so you’ll have a delish meal on the way and have more time for soaking up optimal romantic vibes.

Take An Activity To Do

Yes, eating, drinking and smooching will probably be the focus of your picnic. However, taking a fun little game to play or activity to partake in will amplify the overall experience of your picnic tenfold.

You could settle for feeding the pigeons, but something a little more bespoke is probably in order. Colouring books, UNO, channel the twee revival and pack a ukelele — the possibilities are endless, use your imagination here.

Decorate To Your Bb’s Taste

Not everyone likes red cushy love hearts and teddy bears. In fact, that whole V-Day aesthetic has the potential to enrage someone to the point where they might just dump you on the spot.

Of course, no one wants that, so think about how you’ll set the mood — fairy lights, fake candles (because who wants a fire hazard) and pastel-coloured flower petals are all easy wins, but really customise it to your love’s ~vibe~ and you’ll have a winner.

Now, go forth and woo your boo.