US Stoners Are Getting Literally Lit On Their Wedding Day W/ Weed Open Bars

You can now 420 blaze it on this, the day of your daughter’s wedding, in the United States.

With marijuana legalised in ~inhales~ Colorado, California, New Jersey, Alaska, Maine, Massachusetts, Nevada, Oregon and Washington ~exhales~, bonglords are finding a way to incorporate their one true love – dank kush – into their wedding ceremonies.

Already we’ve seen cannabis commerce skyrocket in those states, with dinner services and vacations available for sale. Now a number of savvy businesspeople have weeded their way into the wedding market, offering products and services like bud bouquets and cannabis open bars.

Bec Koop runs Irie Weddings & Events, who bill themselves as “ready to help you plan the cannabis wedding of your dreams“. They offer customisable bud bars, complete with “budtender”, featuring a lush strain menu and a variety of consumption methods including vapes, joints, edibles and glass pipes.

They’ll also help you find cannabis-friendly venues, officiants, photogs, caterers and more, essentially planning your dope wedding for you. Oh, and they can make you pretty grass bouquets.

Koop reckons now about a third of wedding venues in Colorado allow guests to smoke pot. Nevertheless, about half of the people booking her services are sometimes-smokers, while the other half are locals who go the full hog – taking a “first toke” from a pipe with two openings before the first kiss; wearing clothes made out hemp; and purchasing “budquets”: “You can crack it from your bouquet to your bowl.”

Kemp and Irie are not the only ‘entrepotneurs’ branching into the wedding market, with others like Canndescent or Cultivating Spirits saying that their weed open bars offer “more buzz for [your] buck” compared to alcohol.

Philip Wolf from Cultivating Spirits, who straight up offer cannabis cocktails on their bars, pressed the virtues of celebrating with weed instead of liquor:

A lot of people feel like alcohol can take away from events because people can overconsume, it might not be as enjoyable or someone might cause an issue, or god forbid something worse.

With cannabis, you really don’t have that threat.

Still if you do want to have your own cannabis-infused nuptials, you’ll have to head on over to the US.