I’ve sent a message to the wrong person many a time in my life. I’ve also sent screenshots of my conversations with people to those people – grim, I know.

There’s always that initial tummy-sinking moment, followed by the ‘will this be incriminating?’ panic.

If the message is redeemable, I immediately launch into project damage control. If not, sometimes there’s literally no other option than to accept the loss, take a deep breath, close your eyes and take a long walk off a short pier.

Despite my message misfortunes, I’m relieved to report that I’ve never sent an accidental sext to my parents. I’ll leave this moment to Twitter user @geen6lee, who recently posted an unfortunate sexting encounter she had with, well, mummy dearest.

In her screenshots, she innocently requested to be used as a fucktoy… and sent it to mum. (I have sexy panic.)

I’m actually very impressed by this ~slight~ save below? I would have never thought of a ducktoy… Although it certainly doesn’t cleanse Geena of her sins, she certainly polished the turd as best she could. For that, I have my utmost respect for queen Geena.

Twitter users have since shared their own tricky encounters with family members.

I’d have no other option than to say, ‘sorry, cat ran across my keyboard’ and move on with my life.

Just a nonchalant booby pic for mum.

Well Aunty Carolyn, let me tell you how the puppy is doing.

You know what, Kayla? Dildos are expensive, but they’re a worthwhile investment. I’m sure your mum-in-law would agree.

“Sexnanigans” is my new favourite word.

At least these accidental sext stories have provided plenty of laughs.

Either way, my trust issues have now been exemplified and it’s time to throw our phones into a lake.

Image: Twitter / @geen6lee