Tinder Users Who Swiped Right Into Functional Relationships, Weddings & Bèbès


Remember when we had to meet people the ordinary way? By actually building up the dutch courage to say hello or, you know, asking if they have a lighter (just me, ok)? It really does feel like yonks ago but in actual fact it was only five years ago that Tinder swooped in and changed the dating game forever. It’s more than enough time to move in together, get hitched, become pregantẻ or, well, be dating for five years.

And look, we get it, dating apps can be a bit of a bitch. You go on a string of dates and wind up feeling defeated and wondering if there are is anyone out there worth the $50 bar tab you rack up. Sometimes we need a little positive reinforcement or “hope”, if such a term doesn’t make you cringe. So behold, several peeps that owe their 24/7 spooning-on-tap to the fiery flame of Tinder.

Georgina & Andrew, the happy ending

We chatted for about one week prior to meeting up. He didn’t order fries and on our first date (at Chur Burger) and I’ve held it against him ever since. We didn’t have much chat prior to meeting up but I remember he wasn’t having Xmas with family which I couldn’t even contemplate but he found totally normal. Anyway, we’ve been together three years and married a few months.

Blake & Sean, the love bender

Blake and I would’ve never crossed paths if it wasn’t for Tinder. He came over after chatting for a few weeks and ended up sticking around for three days – it wasn’t a love at first site (pun intended) situation, but it’s as close as I think you can get to it. We now happily live together, have been together 18 months and have aspirations of owning two puppies which we’ve already named.

Alexa & Connor, the coinky-dink

After we first met (which was the same day we matched), he invited me to meet him and his friends at a bar for his birthday. When I walked in I immediately realised I already knew the five friends who were there with him. I had gone to preschool with two of them and hung out with the others during high school.

We somehow managed to not meet all those years – even with our dads’ businesses a block apart for over 30 years. That was just the start to a LONG list of weird coincidences…What we’re up to now? We adopted an eight-week-old puppy the same week we bought the house.”

Kat & Mitch, the time of the essence

“The convo started with Kat asking how we were paired when I was some 1500km away. It paused for a bit as we said we’ll talk when I’m back in Australia. Whether it was be coincidence or not, Kat messaged me on Tinder not long after I landed back in Australia.

We talked into the night and the following day. We both quickly realised this wasn’t your standard Tinder convo and got each others numbers and started talking via text message. Within a month of us being paired on Tinder we were officially dating and almost 3 years to the day we got engaged.

A year after the engagement we had bought our own house and got married early 2018. I guess you could say that we are a bit of a Tinder success story.”

Kelly & Luke, the rebound

I’d never been on a first date before and the guy I’d been speaking to on Tinder (Luke) sounded so weird, I wasn’t into him at all but somehow agreed to a date. I was going to cancel that day but then my ex messaged me to let me know he had a new GF, so I thought ‘Well, best bite the bullet and at least have a funny story afterwards’.

When Luke walked into the bar my mouth dropped open, he was so gorgeous and I said jokingly the next day to my sis, ‘I’m going to marry him one day.’ Neither of us were interested in a relationship but we became really good friends until over a year later when he finally asked me to be his girlfriend. On skype.

We now live together in Sydney with our 2 fur babies Percy and Polly, we’re currently looking at buying an apartment next year while planning for our 3rd OS trip together.

Hayley & John, the family portrait

Hayley and I first matched on Tinder in 2013. We exchanged some serious banter for about a week before locking in a time to meet. Hayley was one of those girls that had the same friend in every photo, so it took a little detective work to suss out the real Hayley – on confirmation, was quietly chuffed!

The rest is really history. We couldn’t be happier. Moved in together in 2014. Bought a (very cheeky) dog the same year, and last year, we welcomed a little man to the world. It’s not really something you think about every day, but we kind of owe a lot to Tinder. The best app I’ve ever deleted!”

If happy and in-love people aren’t enough to get your ass on Tinder, then I don’t know what is.