PornHub Cums Through With Free Premium Content For Italian Stallions In Coronavirus Isolation

pornhub coronavirus

In a huge win for orgasms, PornHub has made its premium content free all month for Italians stuck in coronavirus isolation.

Let’s be real, self-isolation is boring as all hell, so you’ll probably find yourself opening an incognito browser window a little more frequently as the coronavirus pandemic wreaks havoc on the population. But thankfully, the porn gods at PornHub have you covered with free premium content all month long if you’re in Italy.

In case you missed it, northern Italy was put into lock-down last week by Prime Minister Guiseppe Conte, who announced that quarantine would be tightened until March 25.

Not only have all shops (with the exception of grocery stores and pharmacies) shut down, but the Italian government is actually threatening legal action against any citizen who breaks the country’s strict quarantine requirements.

Infected citizens who knowingly break the quarantine could be charged with murder if somebody they come in contact with dies as a result of the virus. So, it’s probably a good idea to listen to the Italian government on this one.

So what is a poor unfortunate soul meant to do for the next week and a half? Well, Animal Crossing isn’t hitting shelves until March 20, so you’ve really got no choice but to have a little mazz, as a treat.

I mean, if a potentially life-threatening pandemic doesn’t make you incredibly horny, I don’t know what will.

PornHub is offering premium subscriptions for the rest of March on its Italian site, with no need to give up your credit card details.

According to a press release obtained by the Daily Mail, they’re also donating a portion of their ModelHub revenue to local hospitals. If you weren’t already aware, ModelHub is PornHub’s sister sight dedicated to providing content from models, pornstars and cam-girls.

“Forza Italia, We love you! PornHub has decided to donate [a]  percentage [of its] revenue from ModelHub platform from March to help Italy during the outbreak.

“To help you during these weeks at home, for the whole months you can access PornHub Premium free of charge, with no need of using your credit card.”

As it currently stands, Italy ranks seventh in PornHub’s most popular countries, outranking Australia in their porn-watching abilities.

According to Al Jazeera, the total number of cases in Italy has risen to a whopping 15,113, with 1,016 fatalities currently reported.

The service will be free to anyone who lives in Italy until April 3.