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Grab your earphones and crank the volume to deafness-inducing, episode two of Waiting For A D8 (WFAD) has finally dropped.

Wait a bloomin’ hot second, you haven’t heard of WFAD? It’s only the world’s* leading podcast (*Claim subjective) where dating sorta-not-really experts talk all things love, lust and hate.

While episode one dived straight into dating rituals and featured interviews with actual adonis Apollo Jackson and Touch Me hitmaker Starley, episode two ventures down the rabbit hole of deal-breakers plus a D&M with Love Island‘s Erin Barnett. And yes, she does weigh in on Grant and Tayla‘s ~relationship~ as well as her own, but rather than ruin the surprise, listen to the podcast for yourself.


Deal-breakers are also discussed on this poddy, and it turns out some people have some fucking ridiculous ideas of what traits or behaviours are certified boner-killers. Thankfully, these days we can scope out people’s Tinder bio or stalk their photos to suss out any obvious personality clashes (like when people describe themselves as “down to earth”, immediate red flag) but others can only be weeded out in person.

For instance, lifestyle editor and WFAD host Lucinda Price recalls a particular pair of shoes being the final nail in the heart-shaped coffin, as apparently a person’s taste in footwear is a pretty decent indicator as to whether they’re a mess of a human or not. (And no, the person wasn’t wearing crocs.)

You can also listen to a pretty rowdy debate as to whether a hot-pink commodore with personalised “BADBTCH” number plates would be a romance killer, while those tiny umbrellas in drinks cop an unnecessary beating.

To hear more deal-breakers and deal-makers, as well as the full interview with Erin (who does confirm that they were forbidden to binge drink in the villa, so, like, I guess they were just high on life?), chuck the second ep a listen:

Image: Instagram / @erin.alysha