It looks like Lily Allen and David Harbour are engaged, so I guess love really does exist.

The 35-year-old Not Fair singer and 45-year-old Stranger Things star first went public with their relationship back in September 2019, but it appears things are moving quickly because they’re already hinting at an engagement.

“Daily Mail readers gon say it’s photoshopped. I AM RIPPED don’t @ me,” she captioned a recent Instagram photo.

But fans were interested in more than just her washboard abs, quickly pointing out that she’s still flaunting the engagement rumour-sparking ring she’s been wearing since at least December.

“Um …. engagement ring??????????????” one follower asked.

“First rule of engagement club………” Allen, who first sparked engagement rumours back in December, cheekily responded.

The ring has been a staple piece of jewellery in most of her recent Instagram photos, but this appears to be the first time Lily has actually hinted at being betrothed.

In addition to the growing suspicion that they’re engaged, some fans are convinced they’re actually already married after Lily had a slip of the tongue in an Instagram Live in March.

“That’s how bad things are these days. You think you married a pop star? You didn’t!” She said in an Instagram Live, Hollywood Life reports. “Not that we’re married! We’re not married, I just want to make sure you know.”

The rumour comes just one week after the 35-year-old mum of two celebrated 9 months of sobriety, which is no small feat.

“9 months sober today ! And the beginning of an ab is appearing. Very pleased. Still can’t make my bed though.”

Allen and Harbour are yet to comment on the rumours, but honestly, it’s been an absolute shit show of a year. We deserve a happy love story to swoon over.

C’mon Lily and David, give us the engagement we deserve.