Jimmy Fallon Asked Folks To Share Their Worst Dates On Twitter & Hoo Boy

Bad dates are a dime a dozen.
Lateness, self-obsessed conversation, drunkenness and Lynx Africa are all elements that can ruin an otherwise okay date.
But terrible dates? If you’re lucky, they’re a little rarer. But when they do happen, they provide you with material you can use for years.
Jimmy Fallon took to the always-virtuous sphere that is Twitter to ask the general public about their most cringeworthy dates. 

Being the upstanding bloke that he is, Fallon was sure to kick the festivities off with an anecdote of his own.

The replies? They’ll probably make you feel a hell of a lot better about every Midori-fuelled fuck up you’ve had in your loife.

It wouldn’t be a Twitter round up if we didn’t end on a cyber sledge. RIP, Jim.

Photo: Date Night.
Source: Refinery29.