Japan’s Lack Of Sex Is Bringing It Down & There’s A Death Clock To Prove It

Japan has a problem. A very, very big problem.
It would appear that country is smack-dab in the middle of a giant crisis: That being Japanese people simply aren’t hopping off the good foot and doing the bad thing often enough.
They’re not taking enough to trips to Bangkok or getting it India.
They ain’t fuckin‘ no mo’, is what I’m trying to say.
The country’s sex crisis is actually a pretty real concern for the nation, with scores of young and middle-aged Japanese citizens reportedly becoming more and more disinterested in sex and pursuing traditional relationships, which is resulting in national fertility rates that are well below global averages.
This is largely due to the country’s godawful work-life balance, which often sees young men reportedly working 80 hour weeks, and societal pressure placed on women to choose either having a family or pursuing a career, of which the latter of the two is proving the more popular choice in modern times.
The rate of fertility for Japan is well below their rate of death, and last year alone the statistics showed a net loss of 300,000 humans from the population.
That rate of decline is so great, that researchers in Japan have now devised some sort of Death Clock showing roughly when the country of Japan will become extinct, if current trends hold.

Researchers at the Tohoku University analysed the statistical trends, and took into account the nation’s rapidly ageing population, and devised a countdown clock that claims by the 16th of August in the year 3776, Japan will have only one remaining child in its population (i.e. one person remaining under 15 years of age), at which point the nation’s people would slowly die out completely until there is but one very strong child remaining on the land, doomed to walk the sexless ruins of Tokyo alone and bemoan the cruel fate that has befallen the once-mighty empire; oh, what might have been if only his or her ancestors had gotten jiggy wit’ it.
Fortunately, it’s not all doom and gloom. Japan’s fertility rate is actually on a very gradual, but steady incline, and is slowly approaching its highest level since the mid-90s. At 1.46 it still pales in comparison to places like the United States, the UK, or the complete and utter rootrats that are India. But it’s a start.
Maybe the Japanese just need to stick their head in the mirror and give themselves a good ole’ fashioned rev up to present the ole’ erection selection.
Source: Metro.co.uk.