How To Revamp Your Dating Profile This V-Day So You Stand Out In The Sea Of Fishing Enthusiasts

On dating apps, when it rains, it pours. But when it’s a drought, boy are there tumbleweeds. If your profile is lacking action in the lead up to Valentine’s Day, don’t you worry, we’re coming in hot with some help.

The current dating landscape is flooded with blurry pics, people who froth bouldering and demands for quality banter. Sometimes it feels like all your prospective dates just blend into one generic adventurous, dog-lover. Revamp your dating profile with the following tips to stand out from the crowd.

Use the voice feature

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People are on this bandwagon right now, but that doesn’t mean you won’t stand out if you use it on your profile, too. Just one gander at the #Hinge hashtag on TikTok will show you how bloody funny this voice note feature can be – and the many, many ways you can use it.

The elephant in the room is that yes, it’s intimidating to record your own voice. And look, there’s a chance you’ll end up being roasted on TikTok but it can really pay off and you’ve got to be in it to win it, baby. You get a much bigger glimpse into who someone is when you hear their voice and the way they speak. It makes a person feel more ~real~ instead of just a disposable swipe you could take or leave. 

Add your donor status to your profile

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Registering to donate your organs and tissue does so much good. It touches so many lives, from those that are saved, to the loved ones surrounding both the donor and recipient. Plus, it makes you feel proud.

Adding your donor status to your profile can help spread the word and encourage your mates (and dates) to register. And let’s be honest, you’ll also reap the benefits on the apps. Everyone just wants to match and date someone nice. And this makes you look like a bloody good person (which you are). It’s like when you find out someone volunteers at a soup kitchen – even if they’re not your type you’re, like, 10% more in love with them. 

Registering to donate is really easy to do. Head to the DonateLife website. All you need is your Medicare card and bam, within one minute you’re signed up to potentially save a bunch of lives. 

Bring your buddy in

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Look, it’s a bold way to revamp your dating profile – but it is effective. And to be clear, we’re talking about having a joint profile and staging a fun lil’ photoshoot to secure double dates for you and a pal. Part of the reason this one works is it stands out – when you’re on your zillionth autopilot swipe of a solo face, seeing a profile of not one, but two or three faces in every shot set you apart.

Half the fun is the series of staged pics that looks like it’s lifted straight out of an awkward family photo album. In practice, it’s also a great way to take the pressure off that first date. You know you’ll have fun with the friend you bring along – regardless of how your person turns out. So go on, fight with your friend over the hot one!

Get weird

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Everyone tries so hard to be cool in their profiles. You’re a three-dimensional human – five thirst-traps with a side of one pun doesn’t really flaunt all your best features. It may appeal to the masses but then you’re left with surface-level matches based on not a lot.

You’ve actually got to give people something to work with for them to message you. And you’re more likely to find a few winners that way, too. After all, why do you want to bother with the whole song and dance if you don’t end up having anything to talk about after the witty zingers wind down?

So, keep your clever one-liner in there but also chuck in a few things with substance. Get weird. What makes you different? Weave in a lofty career dream, how you’re giving improv a go and feeling like an absolute loser, or even the ‘woo woo’ thing you hate to admit that you kind of believe in. If you’re a little scared it’s probably good – and will intrigue your potential matches!

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, don’t resort to sitting this one out and waiting for the discounted chocolates come Feb 15. It’s the perfect time to revamp your dating profile. So get to updating and then get out there!