Are you constantly finding yourself having to awkwardly define your relationship after two months? Is the man you’re seeing treating you like his girlfriend, giving you little forehead kisses and introducing you to his mother despite having told you that he doesn’t want a girlfriend?

Well, you can kiss goodbye those awky porky pudding and pie situations because dating oracle Hinge has rolled out a new feature which allows you to be upfront about what TF you’re looking for: “dating intentions”.

From casual flings to Farmer Wants A Wife-style moments, there is no relationship too big or too small for dating intentions.

According to hot and heavy new research from Hinge, dating intentions have helped 65 per cent of users decide who to match with.

And with fake dating intentions and profiles like the below, can you blame them? The feature looks like a sheer delight.

Hinge dating intentions
Fingers crossed for Jenna. (Supplied)

It’s truly a great day to be a 26-year-old bisexual, spiritual and Liberal-aligned event planner from Michigan who is looking for a long-term (but open to short) relationship. I take my hat off to Jenna for putting all her cards on the table and hope she finds what she’s looking for.

But in all honesty, I fully support any dating app feature that helps you whittle down your options. The dumbass currency sitch that Hinge has going on, where you only get a limited number of likes? And then you can cosplay as Osher Günsberg on The Bachelor by handing out a rose to one special person?

I hate it. Disgoostangh. If you’re gonna be so stingy and only give me like, eight likes a day, then you better give me the facilities to judge the men on this goddamn dating app.

Anyway: Hinge has obviously listened to my rant by rolling out this function and I hope it genuinely benefits people.

I wonder if dating intentions would have helped this conversation go in a different direction. If he could have specified that he was looking for a short-term relationship with someone who looks like they can swim.

What could have been if this man had the option to say he was looking for a life partner conversationalist.

And this guy with a prompt that sounds like The Fairly OddParents theme.

Just a long-term “large fries” looking for his “chocolate shake”.

Source: The Office / NBC