We Used GIFs With No Explanation To Try To Land A Date On Tinder

Let me just preface this by saying that I’m usually a master of words (I’m not) so having to just use GIFs as a base for a meaningful conversation was tricky – not impossible, but tricky.

It’s a pretty straightforward test really – you try to get score a date strictly using GIFs. You can’t explain the GIFs with text but you can explain your GIFs with other GIFs. We all clear here? Good.

So, with the first potential suitor, I started out quite chill. Nothing too confronting, just your run-of-the-mill greeting:

Hours went by without a reply and eventually I had to give up hope. I was perplexed though as I for one would like a stranger to admit that they were in love with me right off the bat – that’s peak flattery right there.

Anywho, after I recovered from my first rejection I decided that if undying love didn’t work, I decided that it might be time for me to leave my dignity at the door and be honest. Completely, unflinchingly honest – I hear guys appreciate honesty.

Read it and weep (for me):

Okay, so I definitely botched this one and I’m not surprised that I didn’t cop a reply. Remember ladies and gents, there are much worse things out there than being single so even if you are feeling lonely, maybe don’t send that tidbit to a complete stranger. Just a thought.

Thankfully for my dying ego, the third time was indeed the charm – sort of:

Don’t applaud just yet.

You see, the reason I say this was ‘sort of’ successful is that I found out later, when we actually began texting, that we had indeed spoken before two years ago and we had already exchanged numbers.

Prepare to cringe:

Safe to say I learnt a lot about life and myself after this entire ordeal:

  1. You need to have more substance than an endless supply of GIFs to have engaging conversations on Tinder.
  2. People don’t respond well to unwarranted love or too much honesty.
  3. I really need to sort my shit out.

The overarching takeaway though is that I really owe that last guy a drink. To be fair though, completely forgetting someone is most likely a dealbreaker so I’m not holding my breath.

Ah well, onwards and upwards etc. If anyone needs me I’ll be on Tinder.