Gender reveals are undoubtably cringeworthy at the best of times, so the following footage of a viral, catastrophic gender reveal attempt has subsequently filled my sceptical, socially-awkward heart with sweet, sweet schadenfreude. If you only watch one thing this week, it needs to be this. There is simply no excuse.

Originally from Instagram user @brentpmurray, the latest in gender reveal fails depicts a couple eagerly swinging at a giant helium balloon, before it detaches from its station on the ground and starts flying into the air. The father-to-be then sprints faster than Usain Bolt but, alas, he stacks it on the fence.

Barstool Sports shared the abysmal gender reveal attempt, which catapulted the unfortunate series of events into virality.

Fence: 1, father: 0.

Lucky Unborn Child Escapes Gender Entirely After Parents Catastrophically Fuck Up Reveal

But seriously, though, you have to give him props for trying.

You have to feel for the parents-to-be – I mean, they can’t help that their child is beyond archaic notions of performative gender and ultimately refuses to conform to the binary.

Twitter evidently had a lot of thoughts about the fail.

I genuinely think gender reveal fails are my kink. Consider me satisfied.

2019, you’ve done it again. To the lucky child who escaped gender entirely – I salute thee.

Image: Twitter / @barstoolsports; Instagram / @brentpmurray