PEDESTRIAN.TV has teamed up with LifeStyles to get you more bang for your buck.

There’s nothing quite like getting steamy on a summer holiday. It’s the perfect combination of factors designed to make doing the deed feel more satisfying than ever before — from someone else making the bed after you’ve somehow wound up (ahem) making a mess, to a nearby beach that you can dive in to cool your jets.

You know the one thing that can make that situation even hotter? Not having to pay for it. We’re talking free flights, we’re talking free accommodation, and yes, we’re talking free condoms and lube.

Your skin-tinglingly close mates at LifeStyles are running a big ol’ competition, inspired by the concept of Summer Lovin’ and aimed to get your motor running this summer. Best part? You can go in the running whether you’re already loved up or if you’re on the prowl for some prime post-winter partnering.

my body is ready

Not sure what you’re in for? Allow me to flesh it out… So to speak. Rest assured, the process for entering isn’t too long and hard.

All you’ve got to do is purchase any LifeStyles products, then head online and tell ’em in 25 words or less where you’d want to go to get down or meet the hunky summer fling of your dreams. Pop in your details and you’re set!

The more LifeStyles gear you buy, the more entries you can have — so depending how quickly you shloop out your lube or hammer through a box of dommies, you could have more of a crack at winning.

So what are you actually winning? Is it love? Is it devotion? Is it a mind-bending few days in the pool house with a local Hemsworth-like hottie? Maybe it’s all of them, but here’s what you definitely are in for a shot with:

First Prize

One (1) Flight Centre travel voucher valued at AU$4,000.

Second Prize

Six (6) individual Expedia travel vouchers valued at AU$500 each (AU$3,000 total value).

Third Prize

Thirty (30) individual Uber vouchers valued at AU$100 each (AU$3,000 total value).

don’t mind us, we’re on vacation.

On top of that, all the winners will receive a whole stash of LifeStyles products so that you can get your frick frack on even if you’re not going away for the summer. Just whack on one of those cute ambient sunset screensavers and have at it. It’s not the same, but we do what we must.

Summer lovin’, it’ll have you a blast.

Image: Grease