New Stat Says Yr Fiancé Is Probs Being A Dirty Dog At Their Bach Party & This Is Why I’m Single

In extremely icky news, it turns out a bunch of people’s fiancés are actually cheating on them during their hen’s or buck’s parties. Great, another reason to be perpetually single!!

The new survey from found that more than 70 per cent of Americans have cheated at a bachelor or bachelorette party. Yippeeeeee!!!!

6,000 people were surveyed and asked if they had cheated during their parties, which could include any horny things from sexting, to downloading a dating app, flirting, or doin’ the dirty with someone (or, ahem, multiple people) other than their partner.

The most common infidelity came in the form of receiving a lap dance (33.1 per cent).

Other ratbags preferred to cheat in the form of smooching, with 21.3 per cent of those surveyed backing on with someone who wasn’t their partner. Sighhhhhh.

But there were some people who absolutely needed to be sent to horny jail.

11.2 per cent admitted to sleeping with someone else and cheating on their fiance.

As if that wasn’t enough, 9 per cent said they’d gotten into a threesome.

Bruh. Can you, like, not???

Bela Gandhi, founder of Smart Dating Academy, said that these events were usually “the last hurrah”.

“These events are often fuelled by alcohol, controlled substances, peer pressure, and a lack of communication between partners.

It just goes to show what people think is okay culturally at these events, versus having these conversations with their partners,” Bela said.

While the people surveyed were Americans, I’m not sure I have much more faith that Australians would be as faithful. Just take a look at my ex! Ha ha ha ha ha.