This Is What Happens To Your Bod When You Haven’t Gotten Laid In A While

Practically speaking, having sex all the time would be exhausting. You’d get sore, your limbs would ache and although the cardio hit would be impressive, you’d constantly be knackered. But when you’re in the middle of a dry spell, let me assure you that exhaustion is the LAST thing on your mind.

After a while without getting any, your mind and body definitely start feeling a little different. It’s not a massive immediate change where suddenly you turn into a sex-hungry monster with an angry peen or teeth in your fairy, but you do feel the effects (both mentally and physically). Allow me to just dispel a couple of myths really quickly.

No, your vagina will not close up.

No, your dick will not fall off.

No, you won’t become a virgin again.

No, you will not forget how to have sex (it’s just like riding a bike, except… well, you know).

But here are a few things that CAN actually happen:

1. Your immune system might go on the fritz

If you notice your mates getting a bit more run-down than usual, there’s every chance it may be linked to the fact that they haven’t had anyone in their pants for a while.

Sex actually ups your immune system because it’s increasing your immunoglobulin A levels – and that’s your first line of defence when it comes to infection.

So while you might not want anyone to come near your drippy nose while you’re sniffling up a storm, having someone come over and bump uglies with you… Well, it might help.

2. Your mental health might struggle

You may not think that sex has that much of an impact on your mental health, but when you weigh up all the benefits it can give you, it turns out there’s a hefty effect.

From upping your self esteem to de-stressing you after a tough day, a good ol’ sesh can make a hell of a difference. Without it though?

Sex triggers endorphins and oxytocin, so you’ll be feeling the loss of those two bad boys. Like Elle Woods says: endorphins make you happy.

3. Your chances of getting an STI drop

Look it’s not all bad – not getting jiggy with it can very effectively reduce your chances of copping any UTIs or STIs. After all, it’s pretty hard to get a sexually transmitted infection if you’re not having sex.

As for UTIs, your chances of getting them are far higher if you’re having regular penetrative sex, coz all that bacteria can get right up in there making you sting like fuck.

But as long as you take good care of your fairy, it’ll treat you right in return – even when it isn’t getting treated right by anyone else.

4. Your hooha might be a lil’ dry

To reaffirm: your vagina will not sew itself back up and leave you feeling like a Barbie doll. But there will be some changes down there if you’re out of action for a truly extended amount of time.

The main one is that you’ll probably find it hard to self-lubricate the next time you do the do with some hot human. Best tip? Keep up the self love to keep the juices flowing.

But you may also want to start up the Kegel exercises to maintain the strength of your vaginal walls, especially if it’s been more than just your average hot minute.

5. Your sex drive might fizzle down

If you’ve been flying solo (or not at all), the absence might make you crave it less – and that’s totally normal. It may just mean that you’re less fazed about missing out.

It’s almost a question of ‘out of sight, out of mind’ – the less sexy times you have, the less you have a hankering for sexy times in the future.

But if you’re worried about whether or not you’ll be able to up the ante with a new partner, just have some Horny Goat Weed on hand to keep things spicy.