Dr Karl Bones Down On Aphrodisiacs, Says They’re All Just Placebo

Dr Karl Kruszelnicki‘s back at it again with the damn fine facts. 
Today’s topic on triple j‘s Science on Mornings was aphrodisiacs. 
Listener Jacinta from Summer Hill asked “Um, I was just wondering if foods like oysters and such were actually aphrodisiacs?”

u tell me jacinda

Karl went on to quote American musician Frank Zappa, saying “your brain is your main sexual organ.”
“In terms of causing sexual interest, an oyster: yes, no, it doesn’t matter. What’s more important is what’s happening around you. If you think that it will [turn you on], and they give you some, and they build it up enough, you’ll fall for it via the famous placebo effect. 
“Is it a true aphrodisiac? No. Even the famous Viagra is not an aphrodisiac of itself, but rather, if you get in the action, it keeps it going but it doesn’t make it happen from scratch, if you haven’t got the thought [of wanting to bone down] in your brain, nothing happens.”
“Still need to get in the mooooood, Jacinta,” quips Karl’s co-host. 
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Source: triple j.
Photo: triple j / White Chicks.