Love in lockdown. It worked for The Bachelor (I guess), but has it worked for anyone else? With COVID-19 not only impacting the way we move about our cities and towns, but also dating and meeting new people as well, it’s arguably never been harder to be a single sod.

But while things may be a little more complicated now that “having a casual drink at the bowlo on a Tuesday night” is largely off the table (for a good whack of the country, at least), that has in no way, shape, or form curtailed the ever-lingering presence of horny.

It’s a real Field Of Dreams scenario. A bit of a Jurassic Park-type thing. If you build it, they will cum. Fuck finds a way. Things of that nature.

Hell, some of you out there have even managed to fall in love during [gestures vaguely] all of that. Which is a remarkable feat in and of itself, and one worthy of a stirring round of applause.

Then again, there’s also a big chunk of you that entered into lockdown single AF, and have only managed to get even more single from there.

It’s a whole new world! A brave journey we’re all navigating together, absolutely blind as bats. So we want to know a little bit about how’s it all going for you on the love front.

PEDESTRIAN.TV – in conjunction with our Pedestrian Group buddies Business Insider Australia, Kotaku, Gizmodo, Lifehacker, and POPSUGAR – have today launched a massive reader survey aimed at finding out what everyone thinks of sex, love, and dating in this upside-down coronavirus world.

How are you travelling? How’s things going? Are you all loved up, or are you chewing boot leather to pass the days?

The survey should only take you a breezy few minutes. And best of all, filling it out gives you the chance to win a $500 Uber Eats voucher, which should be ample fuel for a truly outrageous iso-date feed.

You can find the reader survey right here. Be honest! We’re not easily shocked (seriously, we have… we’ve heard it all, at this point).

Our legal boffins have also told us to chuck in the Terms & Conditions, which you can find here if reading that sorta thing is of interest to you (one entry per person, only open to residents of Australia, etc).

Love your work, mates!