Cub Sport Fellas Spill V. Cute Story About Realising They Were In Love After 8 Yrs

It’s the perfect Hollywood kitschy love story trope – dude falls in love with his best friend, after years of being mates and doing everything together.

A story of falling into each other like that is not what you would expect to ever actually happen in real life, but Tim Nelson and Sam Netterfield from Brisbane‘s Cub Sport have that exact story to tell the grandkids. Aww stop it you two, I cannae take it.

Chatting with Triple J‘s Hack program, Tim and Sam go through the very sweet story of how they came to realising that they were more just best mates of eight  years – they were in love.

Sam explained the story of how they became friends, and how it took them eight years to find each other.

“Since the end of high school, we just became the best of friends,” Sam says of how they became mates.

“First year out of school, we worked and then we travelled together. All the while we’ve been in a band together.”

It wasn’t until Tim went away for a month when he realised that he missed Sam more than he thought he would.

“It was the longest that we had ever been apart,” Tim says.

“I guess it was really the catalyst for me recognising that there was a reason I was so miserable when I wasn’t around Sam.”

Oh God, stop it. My cold, dead heart – it’s starting to FEEL.

The pair grew up in pretty religious families, and Tim recognises that this fear of what his heart truly wanted made him quite homophobic as a younger guy. He says that sharing his experiences of coming out is part of him wanting to use his platform as an artist to make a positive difference for others who are going through similar situations.

“Because we’re in a band, we can use that to make a positive change.”

Check out the whole interview below and BE WARNED you are probably going to feel your heart expand three sizes like me, The Grinch.