Brooklyn Beckham Is Reportedly Engaged When I Swear He Was 14 Years Old Like Five Minutes Ago

brooklyn beckham engaged

Brooklyn Beckham is reportedly engaged to his actress girlfriend Nicola Peltz, so can I please get a communal “awwww”.

Brooklyn, the eldest son of OG power couple Posh Spice (Victoria) & David Beckham, has only been dating Peltz (25) for eight months. But you know what they say: when you know, you know.

The 21-year-old, who I swear only celebrated his 14th birthday like two weeks ago, is yet to confirm the news but friends of the couple told Mirror they’re “smitten.”

“Brooklyn has been telling his friends in LA that he and Nicola are engaged. It’s common knowledge among their group of friends. They are smitten,” the source said.

Nothing is confirmed at this point, but the source also claimed Posh and Becks have given the relationship their stamp of approval.

“It’s a very exciting time for the whole family and after a few previous rocky relationships, they think Brooklyn has landed on his feet.”

We’ve already discussed how iso has pressed fast forward on most relationships, leading many to get more serious (or breakup) faster than usual. So although it seems a little soon for the young couple, who’s to say that the coronavirus pandemic hasn’t given them time to get to know each other quicker than the normal relationship?

I mean, take a look at how adorable they are on social media.

Here’s hoping Brooklyn and Nicola follow in the footsteps of Posh and Becks, who have (so far) enjoyed more than 20 years of happy marriage.

The family’s PR rep declined to comment on the engagement rumours.

We’ll be sure to update you if and when Brooklyn and Nicola confirm the news.