‘Birdboxing’ Is A New Dating Term To Use When Yr Friend’s With A Total Deadshit

Contributor: PEDESTRIAN.TV

There will never be an end to the dating term dictionary – it’s never ending, likely because thanks to social media, Tinder, and digitally-led lives, there’s all these new and wonderful ways people can be absolute angel-faces… and absolute assholes.

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Tinder have coined a few new dating terms of their own, and one we’re really on board with is ‘birdboxing’. Taking it’s name from the Netflix movie that had us all enthralled this festive season, their definition for the term is “being blind to just how bad your partner/the person you’re seeing is”.

Ummm… hands up if you know a few folks being birdboxers right now?

For context – in the dystopian film, survivors must wear blindfolds to avoid looking at some sort of supernatural monster that’ll kill them. Therefore if you take the dating term concept too literally, it doesn’t make entire sense – but when you relate it to the memes that did the rounds, you’ll totally get it.

Basically – this shot of Sandra Bullock in her blindfold has become everyone in dating culture avoiding something, be it a text from a crush they wish didn’t exist, or… the reality that their partner or whoever they’re dating is the WOOOORST.

So if your best mate is currently dating the human equivalent of a poisonous ant, or a rotten banana, but they think their squeeze is 100/10 – they’re being birdboxed. Try and tell them gently, k?

Also if you’re dating someone and they’re never texting you back/constantly leaving you on read/you have to do all the work – GET OUTTA THERE, YOU ADORABLE BIRDBOXED IDIOT! Love u.