Benjamin Law And His Mum Wrote A Sex Book For Useless Single People

If you class yourself as completely crap at dating, never fear – writer Benjamin Law and his mum Jenny Phang are here to save your sorry arse with a sex and relationships bible called Law School.

While it might be straight-up creepy for anyone else to write this kind of book with a blood relative, since 2011 Ben and Jenny have been dropping sexual truth bombs in their advice column (also entitled Law School) for the literary magazine The Lifted Brow, so it’s totally above board.


It’s funny: sometimes I do step back and realise spending the past six years regularly writing a sex and relationships column with your mum is a fundamentally weird prospect, but my siblings and I know it kind of makes perfect sense. Anyone who’s read my memoir or columns, or has seen the TV show of The Family Law, probably understands that if my mum has boundaries, there’s roughly 7000 kilometres west of WrongTown.

She’s had five kids, and after that, nothing’s a mystery any more. So we grew up with super-frank discussions about sex and reproduction, and then when I came out as gay at 17, the discussions became pretty frank about sexuality and LGBTIQ issues too. (She thinks the whole postal survey is bullshit, by the way.)

Basically, Jenny is a legend, and the book compiles the duo’s most on-point advice from the past six years into one handy little tome. Which is helpful for all us uncultured swine who don’t read literary magazines on the reg and therefore missed out on this wisdom.

Stacked full of answers to questions like: “Do you accidentally get turned-on while watching a nature documentary?” and “Are you feeling emasculated because your girlfriend has had more one-night stands than you?”, the book promises to not only be helpful, but hilarious too.

As a bonus, Ben and Jenny’s advice is complemented by Beatrix Urkowitz’s “semi-explicit” illustrations, if you’re into that kind of hand-drawn smut.

The print edition is available from Oct 4 in all good bookstores and you can get your mitts on the e-book here.