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We’re living in the thank u, next era, a time when single empowerment is being championed across the globe and saturated across our screens.

Gone are the days channelling Bridget Jones on a Friday night, cig in hand, glass of red nearby and “All By Myself” crooning in the background. Us independent troopers are being encouraged to trade those tissues for some tender lovin’ care – to swap that solitude for some solid Tinder swiping.

This switching-boo-love-for-self-love narrative definitely isn’t a new notion by any means, though. Bey’s “Single Ladies”, for example, has literally been a go-to tune for boozy pre-drinks over the past decade. Jason Derulo helped me through some tough middle-school break-ups. Cher’s viral comment in 1996 about men still pops up on my Facebook feed:

“My mom said to me, ‘You know sweetheart, one day you should settle down and marry a rich man.’ I said, ‘Mum, I am a rich man.’”

That single content is flowing in our veins.

That being said, 2019 has definitely kicked single celebrations into second gear.

Like, if 2018 could be imagined as your boo’d-up sister who’s well-on-the-way to a white-picket fence, 2019 is definitely your single aunty, out on the town and understandably loving herself sick.

Ariana has undoubtably led the pack in creating anthems championing newfound independence. Lizzo’s contagious proclamation of self-love in her newly-released album Cuz I Love You is also testament to this notion.

So, is 2019 truly the perfect time to be single? There are some fun benefits, for sure, like being able to sleep diagonally in bed (froth) and not having to halve for your meal with anyone (also froth). There are also some more fundamental, introspective reasons, like having the time to express yourself freely, focus on yourself whole-heartedly and explore as you please.

On this note, we hit the streets to ask single people what they love most about being, well, ridin’ solo.

Not photoshopped. It’s the actual single.

Check out the video below for some benefits associated with being an Independent Woman (P.1).

(But seriously, break up with your girlfriend (yeah, yeah) ’cause I’m bored.)

Image: Instagram / @adele